Kidmore End Cricket Club will not accept or condone bullying and will address all forms of bullying.

Everyone involved with cricket at Kidmore End Cricket Club, whatever their role, has a responsibility to work to stop bullying.


An individual should:

  • Take all signs of bullying very seriously.
  • Encourage all young people to speak and share their concerns, help the victim to speak out and tell the person in charge or someone in authority.
  • Create an open environment.
  • Investigate all allegations and take action to ensure the victim is safe. Speak with the victim and the bully(ies) separately.
  • Reassure the victim that you can be trusted and will help them, although do not promise that you will not tell what has been said.
  • Keep a record of what is said (what happened, by whom and when)
  • Report and concerns to the appointed Welfare Officer.


The coach or person in charge should:

  • Talk with the bully(ies) and explain the situation. Try to ensure the bully(ies) understand the consequences of his/her behaviour. Seek an apology to the victim(s).
  • Inform the bully’s parents
  • Insist on the return of borrowed items and that the bully(ies) compensate the victims.
  • Impose sanctions as necessary.
  • Encourage and support the bully(ies) to change behaviour.
  • Hold meetings with the families to report on progress.
  • Inform all organisational members of action taken.
  • Keep a written record of action taken. May 2005