That’s another fine mess. This is the only way to describe the performance of the Kidmore End 1st XI vs a Windsor team that was performing to their highest level. Having won the toss Kidmore batted first on what was a slow yet true pitch. It was not the pitch that did for Kidmore End but the significant swing that the immensely accurate and skilful bowling the Windsor side demonstrated. Allen-Turner, Jordan and Hartridge all bowled very accurately maintaining an immaculate length through out. Jordan was the pick of the bowling. He moved the ball late away from the right handers and bowled 10 overs without any loose deliveries. He finished with incredible figures of 10-7-7-4. The most resistance shown from Kidmore came from Calem Taylor who was bowled with an unlucky inside edged that dragged the ball from 4 feet wide of his stumps back onto them, and the Frost brothers who put on 23 runs for the last wicket. Had extras not helped out with 30 runs the situation would have been even worse! It took Windsor little time to knock the runs off. The opening pair Baumgartner and Hawkes savagely attacked the bowling. Only Calem Taylor who manage to bowl a maiden and Umer Faroqi, who took a wicket, came out of it with some form of positive. Kidmore End lost by 9 wickets in a very shot game of cricket indeed.